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WordPress sites other than the competition

SEO optimization

Your site will be SEO optimized by a professional to have visibility and a good ranking on Google.

As I always like to specify, in view of the extreme transparency that distinguishes my work, is that no one can guarantee the positioning on Google.

Optimization is used to improve positioning but you can not have the mathematical certainty of obtaining it.

Modifiable and modular contents

Thanks to the implementation of the Elementor page builder, the layout can be easily modified and customized.

You can insert, delete, add or modify texts, images, videos, etc. quickly and easily.

Choice of WordPress theme

You will not have any limitations in choosing the theme.

We recommend using one in the official WordPress repository.

You will be followed in choosing in order to get a nice site


You will not have any limitations but you will be followed professionally in the choice of which plugins to install.

By default you will have already installed a suite of carefully selected and verified plugins to give you the best in terms of reliability and performance

WordPress Plans

Below is my offer compared to the “Business” plans of WordPress.com

Domain name


Sito a norma con le leggi Italiane / Europee


WordPress Theme

WordPress Plugin

SEO optimization

Earn money with your site - AdSense

Google Analytics

No advertising

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